Media consumption

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While adults use today the digital medium for information research, the traditional media (such as print, TV and radio) is still the one they trust. But this is not the case of Generation Z. First of all, growing up with digital technology and social media, adolescents are not very familiar with the traditional media. Secondly, their continuous connectivity through digital devices leads to an online media consumption, oriented not towards news websites, but towards social and mobile media.

More than that, teenagers do not choose traditional television for video content. They have YouTube for music and user generated content and online movies websites when they’re in a mood for a movie or series. Adolescents are changing not only the media channels, but also the way in which the content is consumed. The communication is not unidirectional anymore, but multidirectional. On one hand, Generation Z is now interacting with the media and on the other, teens themselves become content creators, interacting continuously with their group of fans.

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