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Generation Z values money. International studies show that, because of the recession characterizing the childhood of the majority of the teenagers, they are cautious when it comes to spending money. Many of them prefer to save it rather than spend it.

Even if being a less spend-friendly generation, Generation Z directly influences spendings every single day. Adults turn to their children and ask for their opinion when deciding to purchase technology related products. Likewise, when doing food shopping, they most often go with their kids’ preferences.

Teenagers pay much attention to the way they dress. The clothes they wear, the car, the latest gadgets represents for them a symbol of success.

In comparison with adults, Generation Z’s approach to shopping is very different. Before researching on the internet about a product, they first like a brand to address them through narratives, realistic content via online platforms and aspirational experiences. But this doesn’t mean that their final purchasing decision isn’t taken after a careful price analysis. And once they have the product, they want the world to know about it. This is why they produce and upload videos showing both product and themselves and discuss regarding product features on social platforms and forums.

When buying a product, teenagers’ desire is not to be just like the others belonging to their generation, but to be different. This is why brands should create personalized products offering unique and cool experiences.

But besides receiving relevant content and experiences, youngsters expect from brands to offer them also the chance to acquire new skills, to introduce them new trends or music. Generation Z can be also be reached through ads, but only if those are funny. More than that, being realistic personalities, they would like to see real people endorsing products and not celebrities.

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